Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an amazing product. These films have gotten extremely good in terms of good looking texture, overall performance and durability. The films typically have great UV protection and self-healing properties with recent improvements in stain resistance.

The primary purpose is to protect a vehicle's paint from rock chips and that "peppered" look on the front end or rocker panels. When applied to the full vehicle it protects against random scratches that may happen daily such as kids walking next to the car with bikes, loading stuff into the trunk and simply opening the door too far and hitting a wall.

  • Reduces The Need For Washing: Fresh and shiny paint makes your car look luxurious and expensive. However, the shine fades with time, and you need to wash or wax frequently to bring back the luster. Protection films repel dust, dirt, and grim that you pick up as you drive. If dirt sticks to the film, you can easily wipe it away and won’t need a total wash.
  • Protects Against Fading: Exposure to sunlight can cause fading, leaving your paint job looking uninspired and dull. PPF blocks harmful UV rays, thus preventing fading.
  • Maintains Your Car Resale Vale: It is important to keep in mind the resale value when you plan to sell your vehicle. The factors include appearance. Among the ways to achieve this is by adding car paint protection.
  • Prevents Chemical Reactions: Sand and salt are laid on roads to melt away ice and snow. These chemicals are abrasive to paint and can cause chipping to allow the buildup of rust. PPF helps protect the car from such chemical agents.
  • Saves Money: Installing protective films on your car pays off over time. Redoing or repairing the paint job can be expensive. After the film is installed you are unlikely to repaint your car.
  • Provides Invisible Protection:> The transparent films are almost invisible unless people closely inspect the car.
  • Self-Healing Properties: Paint protection films have self-healing properties. The multiple layers in the film cohesively protect vehicle paint and heal the surface-level damage. The self-healing paint protection is activated if you wash with warm water or leave the car under the sun.
  • Ideal For All Vehicle Models and Makes: Paint protection films maintain the aesthetics of your car regardless of make and model.

The owner of this almost new Bronco had Paint Protective Film applied to the front of the vehicle to protect from road debris.

Finished 1966 Scout - Paint Protective Film not visible
Finished 1966 Scout - Paint Protective Film not visible

Preparing Bronco for application of Paint Protection Film
Finished installation - Paint Protective Film is not visible
Finished installation - Paint Protective Film is not visible
Finished installation - Paint Protective Film is not visible
Finished installation - Paint Protective Film is not visible

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